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Originally Posted by djagusch View Post
I picked the vride. If it was an option I would of picked a 48" vride for gates. When you grow and add a 60" rider it would make more sense to have that 48" over the 52" vride.
Thanks for your input.

The 48" does make alot of sense just starting out. I am trying to follow some of the tips I have read on this site and many say not to buy equipment until you have a need for it. The way I look at it, If I don't mow 1 yard for profit I will have a helluva nice stand-up mower for my own yard, lol. I am 42, retired military and currently working in Afgh as a contractor so I can buy the proper equip to start out. I would rather start with some decent equipment rather than trying to use residential stuff and go through the headaches of broken or down equip and lost customers.

Some of the other equipment I already have such as a 16ft trailer, 2 trucks, 42" residential JD (for now). I will have to buy handhelds but they can be used at the house too. Residential stuff around the house is not worth the $ you save anyway IMO.
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