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I was about to post, but DIG419 said it excellently! Kindness and understanding go a long ways. Maybe they have had terrible difficulty and family issues, we have no idea what could be going on. I would try calling first and leaving an understanding message on their machine and telling them that if you don't hear back they can expect you stopping by on "such and such" a day to follow up. This way they will be aware and not as apt to be offended by someone just showing up wanting money. Of course, you are in the right - but you want to approach the problem the wisest way. And maybe next year talk to your customers about signing agreements that say when the work will be done, when they will be billed, what the charges will be and how much they will be charged if they do not pay within a specific time range. Up front and open communication is huge. Good luck - I really do not think it would be worth taking to court.....IMHO. A small claims may be judged in your behalf but I highly doubt the fees would be charged to them. Also, in small towns there is always talk - if you deal with this correctly - they may actually leave with a good taste in their mouth for you. Let us know how you make out. Picture yourself in the same situation as they are, allow them to keep some dignity and you will be way ahead of the game.
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