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Originally Posted by JimLewis View Post
I posted this thread in the LawnCare forum. But I wanted to post it here too, because I know irrigation companies who are using this program as well. Wanted feedback from any of you who have been using this or anything similar as well......


Anyone use any of the high-end proprietary field service / routing software? For instance, Hindsite. I know there are other programs out there. I don't mind paying good money for them.

But Hindsite is $500 to purchase and then like $50-$99 per crew / tech. you have running. For me, that adds up to almost $800 per month!!!! I just can't see paying that much each month just to use a program. Especially when for 3-4 months in the winter we wouldn't hardly be using it very much. That's almost $10K a year!

Anyone know of anything that works like Hindsite, but is a little less expensive?

I used Hindsite for a while, honestly google calendar is the best. You can set up other users, and the master can set appts. for the other users. It keeps it from cluttering the calendars, and guys only see what they have to do.

Pinched for time, I will go into more detail later.
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