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Originally Posted by JimLewis View Post
Yah, that's what we have been using for a few years. It's great for scheduling appointments. But that's only 1/20th of what HindSite does.

I like what Hindsite does. I just don't like their pricing structure. Namely the per-month fee.

So for now, we continue to use Google Calender and just paper invoices. Works fairly smoothly for us. At the end of each service call, my techs take about 2 or 3 minutes to write up an invoice, then they go collect a check or credit card, then they are on to their next job. Then at the end of the day or after a couple of days, they drop these invoices w/checks back at the office. It takes the office maybe 2 minutes to type the invoices into Quickbooks using drop down menus and enter the check info. and put the checks in the drawer for deposit later.

Then the invoice goes in a drawer for future reference. 99.5% of the time, we'll never refer back to the [more detailed] paper invoice again. But it's there if we ever need it.

The whole way we do it works pretty smoothly. But there's some add'l data and info. that HindSite provides that would be pretty cool to have. That's the biggest reason I was interested in it.
Tried and True. That is what we do. I have a spread sheet with the common parts, valves, etc; and they make a tally in each box to keep count of parts.

I charge a flat fee for 1/2, 3/4, 1', etc. It is easier to keep track of than tracking each T, 90, coupler etc.

There is an additional space for misc parts to be written in. I get a credit card # up front before I will send someone to a repair. If customer is not there and we cant service the system I charge $$ for a missed appt. If the customer has a problem with giving a # up front I refer them to someone else.

Did I mention I hate repairs, but it seems the way I treat repairs lets the customer know I mean business and get stuff done.

They also have to sign a waiver explaining that just because we serviced one part of the system does not mean I will take ownership of the whole system.
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