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There is a little bit of kidding in my comment but only to show how absurd this whole controversy is.

It seems that it either has to be all "organic/natural" or all synthetic. I think the reality is that there is a middle ground. There is nothing wrong with using man made materials to achieve the desired effects within reason, just as there is nothing wrong in using natural methods. One isn't necessarily better than the other in all cases and quite often using the best attributes of both give the best results. I was just pointing out that just because it is natural it is not always good for the environment and just because it is synthetic it must be bad. I get tired of the hypocrisy of the "Natural" movement trying to dictate how things should be done. It it was up to "naturalists" have no gas powered equipment, electricity and still have a perfectly manicured yard. A lawn is an unnatural mono-culture that requires management that sometimes includes a little bit of "synthetic" help. I also get tired of the marketing hype of "Organic products" because most of the ones I see certainly arn't natural.

I will continue to use my inexpensive bagged fertilizer, and occasional weed spray when required (usually once every 2 years), and I will leave my lawn clippings on the lawn, mulch my leaves on the lawn providing they do not get so thick that they choke the grass, aerate as require and top dress with compost.

If my method of lawn-care offends environmentalist's then so be it. It makes me and my clients happy.
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