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Originally Posted by Lefet View Post
I'm having a problem with LS loading. It either takes a long time, or I have to reload the page. I'm using IE9. I can switch over to Google Chrome and it seems to work a little better. No other webpage has any difficulty loading. We have a cable connection and 2 desktops with a router.
Is there any way to "ping" or check my system to see if the problem is within? And if there is, how do I evaluate the data? What should it be?
Any assistance is greatly appreciated. It's becoming increasingly difficult and frustrating to get my daily fix!!!

Lefet- having same issue.......having probs loading after logging on.....Im using a hi speed cable line.....every once in a while this happens with LS....Its winter time so a lot of activity on LS????? Overloading Moose River servers??? Dunno-
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