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Originally Posted by ALEX'S LANDSCAPING View Post
Just 3 questions.

About how much cheaper is the Amsoil over the Stihl stuff?
What is the Amsoil website?
How do I mix the Amsoil?
Thanks alot
There was a thread here a while back in which I posted all the numbers, and how they break down mixing both at 50:1, and then mixing Amsoil at 80:1, and 100:1. This was for Amsoil Saber. I paid about $10.50 per quart (32 oz)for it. Stihl HP Ultra is about $23 for a 6 pack of 6.4 oz bottles (total of 38.4 oz), so even mixing both at 50:1, the Amsoil is a lot cheaper, and at 80:1 (which is where I run it mixed with 93 octane), it is even more of a difference.

Stihl HP Ultra 6 pack of 6.4 oz bottles @ $23 makes 15 gallons at 50:1 (each 6.4 oz bottle makes 2.5 gallons, so 2.5X6=15 gallons of mixed fuel).

Amsoil Saber quart @ $10.50 makes 15 gallons at 50:1, and at 80:1 makes 20 gallons (8 oz of Saber mixed at 80:1 makes 5 gallons. 8X4=32 oz, or one quart = 20 gallons of mixed fuel).

This is the home page-

And this is the page you want to look at for Saber, which is what you want for your application-

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