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I agree on the text style, I found myself first focused on that trying to read what it says (of course I just woke up 15 minutes ago.... LOL)

I would suggest advertising an e-mail that is on your domain, looks more professional. (ex. )

I just looked up your domain name, and a big red flag there. It is registered to FatCow, not to you. Now if you stay with fat cow, not such a big deal, but if you ever decide to leave them, you are at their mercy to let you take the domain. Have seen many people get in that position, and try to go somewhere else, and half end up having to get a new domain. Again, if you are staying with them, no problem, but in general always good to have the domain resisted to you, not your hosting company.

When it comes to advertising your domain in places where people can't just click a link (vehicles, business cards, etc), since your domain is multiple words and two abbreviations, use some styling to make it more readable, compare the first two with the last three.

Also, can't do it here, but you could also use small spaces between the parts, just enough to make the parts easier to read, not a full space.
TLC Lawn Care (again, here can't show it, just giving suggestion for where to add spacing)

On the site for how it looks, I would remove the underlining all over, as this is the default identifier for links, many people will think they are links to more info and my get frustrated they didn't get what they were expecting.

I would also suggest repeating the navigation a the bottom of the page, and put in a footer that contains your contact info so it is as text on each page. For the bottom navigation, just need something simple like the following as links and centered:

Home | Lawn & Landscape Maintenance Services | Landscape Construction Services | Photos | Contacts

Along with the contact info in the footer, I would consider finding a way to give your general service area in the header of your site. Currently I have to read down in the content of your site to see where you server. Also, someone may search for a term and may get a page other than your home page in the results. Say I landed on your Construction Services page, the only clue I would have is your area code in your phone number.

The other issues I would have are for the structure of the site, but since you are using a site builder, probably not much you can do with them.

You have three images references on your site that do not exist. These are all called from you .CSS file:

Other than that, as mentioned for a DIY site, pretty nice and clean.

As you are building your site, consider how the search engines will see your site, use a tool such as this (just enter your URL and click "Simple")

Also keep in mind what people searching for you online would enter into a search engine (hint, ask some clients what they would look for, at the very least get someone outside the "business" who will not know main terms to look for).

As you get them, find ways to put them into the wording of your site.

Lastly, see if your site builder can put in Google Analytics code. This is one of the best things you can do for your site if you are interested in monitoring it. Some people put web counters on the page to gauge how many people come to the site. Most of them that are free, are not accurate at all (when you see one, hold down SHIFT and click refresh, does the number change each time you do that? false count if so!)

Google analytics is free, takes a little getting used to, but will not only track how many times your page is viewed, but also give you information such as what page are people entering your site, what search terms they are using to find it, etc. If nothing else, see what Fatcow offers for site stats. A popular one is AW Stats, which will give good information as well.

Hope this info helps, let me know if you have any questions.

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