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Originally Posted by greg8872 View Post
I have a friend who knows SEO quite well and he advised Google for business sites now compares your contact info on your site with your whois record.
As long as you're not running a link farm, you really don't have anything to worry about. It's been speculated on for years, as are most things related to Google's official SEO policies and what goes through search quality czar Matt Cutts' head. There are other red flags that could/will lead Google, or any search engine, down the path of using that particular data, but the typical site owner using private registration has nothing to worry about. I view it as similar to Cutts' overall recommendation to web things naturally and you won't likely have a problem.

And from my more cynical, and valid, point of view, look at it from a business standpoint...Yahoo and Google both offer domain name registration services, with Yahoo (last I knew) charging a premium for privacy, and Google actually initiating it by default.

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