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We used Hindsight for a full year in 2010 It was expensive and took twice as long to fill out a service report than our simple worksheet did. It got worse when we canceled service and 4-5 months later tried to access some old info and were unable to do so. I lost all the field records for that whole year. Nothing we billed for as that all went to QB but we track all kinds of field info to refine our bidding process and that info is just gone.

I keep thinking at some point I will have accumulated all the info I will need and won't need to do this anymore but I keep finding information that helps us tweak the estimating process. We do upper end resi maint so it can get complicated.

We used Qxpress for a short time but that was way to cumbersome.

I have recently found this app "Sign My Pad Pro"

It looks promising for us as we have a very comprehensive worksheet tailored for the work we do it only takes about 2 min to complete. This app will allow us to complete it digitally and e mail or sync it at the end of the day. Unfortunately it has no accounting component so we will still have to enter the numbers into QB but we already do that. I have to get a pad to try it out.

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