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Originally Posted by Without A Drought View Post
we just started using a program called asset. the thing is massive and very cumbersome. it has an iphone app that allows the phone to be used in the field.
i hate it so far, but i figure i'm just using it wrong. i see the potential. when i eventually get it figured, it'll handle every step from proposal to billing, with inventory broken down per truck and what's in general stock (not that i keep much).
I gotta set aside a few days this week and dive into it and get it set up so it'll work right for me in the field.
We are currently looking at that software package for our company too (since we do more than just irrigation; sadly a $10m company being ran off a FUBAR access database...). It does not look "that" user friendly and that is my concern and we have some very computer stupid users, plus I believe you have to use a 3rd party program to be able to do take-offs with it.
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