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Originally Posted by M & L View Post
He is actually one of the messiest shops ive ever seen!!

he does do a lot of work though.

I got the scag over at precision in warwick. When Great Dane went away he picked up scag. he also has toro but no big machines. He can get them for demo or purchase but you might have to wait a little bit.

Mellor...he did have some pretty cool pics. oohh shiny things... ok im back..
yeah not much there in that one.
I mean Mellor does have cool pictures and stuff but I go there to learn....I mean the show part is cool, playing on all the toys and stuff but I want to learn when I go to the seminars. He had most if not all the stuff that he talked about in his books. Its kind of cool stuff but it isnt really helping me knowing how to put a 100 on the field at fenway out of a bat and a couple baseballs.
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