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Originally Posted by Mike Leary View Post
So, what you guys are doing is trying to minimize time, that's cool. My question would be: is the cost of the software/hardware making you any more money than the old tried and trued method of yellow pads and typewriters?
It is for sure is making more money for us. I could write a book on all the benefits of using Hindsite.....for us at least. (4-6 service techs)

- customer history of all services performed
- contact info for homeowner, superintendent, manager, landscaper, maintenance staff etc.
- all parts are entered by the office and prices checked quarterly
- complete on site time records for disputes
- if I pay a tech 10 hours he is billing 10 hours
- work orders from HS to QB with automatic spell check take minutes instead of hours (40 - 80 invoices a day used to take up hours each day of office staff)
- we were able to save on the cost of one office worker last year $$$
- automatic mapping and routing
- having all techs schedules on my screen, office managers screen and service managers screen to check status at a moments notice is a huge plus
- same schedule updates each time the techs time-in and time-out to a job (allows to track each techs progress during the day making emergency calls easier to dispatch)
- when the office receives a call and is scheduling a service the customers account balance immediately shows up on the display screen avoiding possibly performing work for overdue customers
- Also gives the office a chance to decide on whether to question the caller or not as to the status of the account
- no need to call or text a tech when changing or adding his schedule (techs schedule updates each time he syncs his Netbook)
- EVERY part we use is at their finger tips and HS allows the tech to create an estimate on site if needed
- if a tech need to pick up another techs job for any reason it can be done in the field and all the information is in ALL of the techs Netbooks. If it was paper work....what would you do? Yes we used to do that and paper work was constantly lost and never turned in
- support is included and we are very happy with them
- Saves a bunch of trees that need to be irrigated!!!! LOL

Anyway, if you have at least a couple techs it will easily pay for itself. If you are considering HS, call them and request a online demo and make up your mind then.

Good Luck
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