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Maybe I'll ask my boss to start selling his software. I asked our programmer and he told me since my boss paid him to make our specifically designed for irrigation and landscape lighting program, that it is my bosses and not his.

It will typically take me 30-45 minutes per day to complete invoicing. We have many automated messages that we just click to put on the invoice stating what we did .I've been known to write novels to the customer- But I like to be detailed and state things such as
* Replaced 2 rotating sprinkler heads on zone 4 ( Back Lawn) that were leaking. Along with that I also installed smaller nozzles on a few of the other rotors on zone 4 that were over watering. Having done this will ultimately save water and apply water more evenly to this lawn section.

There is no way in hell I would write that out on a paper.

I love computers and they are a 1000% advantage compared to a paper company- time to get with the times

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