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It's all fun and games until...

No need to perpetuate the vitriol... it's all good'

Raining for three days now. Weeds are out of control, grass as tall as it is in the summer. We have moved our premium accounts to about 12 days. Looks like were in for a long season without much of a break.

Good news is people are loosening up with money, we've landed four major installation in the last two weeks and three new premium accounts (one called us from Vero Beach because her tenant saw our work and complained about the other guy). Apparently we are the only ones in these communities that keep the lawn and ornamentals looking good. Hard work, bright shirts with your logo on them and big truck and trailer signs work very well.

Cutting again today, 2 Condo Associations, about 12 acres and 7 acres respectively. Hope we don't get bogged down too much, the ground is already spongy.
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