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Originally Posted by Mike Leary View Post
So, what you guys are doing is trying to minimize time, that's cool. My question would be: is the cost of the software/hardware making you any more money than the old tried and trued method of yellow pads and typewriters?
Anything that automates processed usually makes them easier.

Switching from my irrigation world to our landscape maintenance department... We have 2 people who all they do retype proposals from our 6 account reps to be sent out, that our sales reps have already typed into their proposal form. We have one person that all she does is enter our hand wrote "dailies" into the computer for our 16 maintenance crews to track hours and their payroll (she doesn't even do the payroll either, just types in hours!). We have one person that all she does is take the written work order and type it into QBs to bill the customer. If using software could eliminate 2-3 of those 4 positions, then I think it is worth it easy.
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