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Im not above door knocking. I do 90% commercial and thats how I get that business.

For residential. You bet Ill knock on doors.

When my guys are on a street doing one driveway, If I can make it over there, Ill knock on every door on the street.

No lies. No "leftover material" No "must have it done now" sales pitch.


Im Joe. My crew is sealing your neighbors driveway. I wanted to invite you to watch them and see the job they do. I see yours is due to be sealed. Heres an estimate if youre interested. After they finish your neighbors they have some time before the next one if you happen to be ready. If not. We're local and in the neighborhood all the time, just give a call when youre ready.

Especially if its a weekend. I can send the crew out with only one driveway on the schedule. And I can turn that one into 10-15 by the end of the day. And usually have the next day booked up.
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