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Is your equipment labeled to aid in recovery in the event of theft?

Hey everyone!

I have a question for you. Is your equipment labeled to help the recovery process in the event of theft?

I just recently purchased weatherproof 2" x 1" labels that are individually numbered and have my company name and phone number. Here is what they will look like below:

Not only will the tag help police identify stolen material, it will also help me keep track of equipment maintenance. Since each piece is uniquely numbered, tracking service and PM schedules will be much easier.

I have also taken it a step further and got an app for my android phone that will have all of my equipment's model numbers, serial numbers, and purchase details listed. And yes, it is exportable.

You may think that this all may be pretty pricey. You would be wrong.

This is where I got the labels:
I got 100 labels for $9.99 with free shipping. Custom designed!

This is the Android app I am using:
The app was $8.99

Don't wait till it's too late! Be proactive and take these measures to protect your equipment!
Kirk Brown
Kirk's Lawn Care

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