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Originally Posted by Lefet View Post
Hey Kirkmbrown, good to see you, haven't seen you in a while.
Sounds like a good idea but I think an engraved mark would be better. Decals can be removed. Keeping track of the maintenance idea is a good thing though!
I'm waiting for you to find the mini hidden gps tracker on the inexpensive!!
Hey Lefet!

You are correct, the labels can be removed. To reduce the risk of it being removed, I would probably place them below the equipment or a place not immediatly noticible. Plus, some criminals are pretty stupid and may not even think of looking for a label.

The engraving is also not a surefire way. People can easily file that away like many car thieves do to VIN numbers. Bottom line, if a thief puts their mind to it, they can remove anything.
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