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I have a few comments, please take no offense because none is intended, here goes...

First, I must ask this, although the name of your business gives the impression that you provide professional landscaping services, your business provides mainly lawn care services as well as tree services, and you do some occasional landscaping, is that not correct?
The reason I ask is, because here in Cali, you are not legally allowed to use the word "Landscaping" on your business cards or in any business advertising, unless you are a State Licensed Landscape Contractor.
Just saying. Though I know that the vast majority of members here will disagree with this statement, I want you to know that there is a huge difference between being a lawn service provider and being a landscaper. The necessary skill set is different, the work is very different and it involves having the ability to perform a wide range of different tasks, every day.
I don't mean to sound like I don't think that Lawn care service providers do an important job or are unskilled laborers, I don't think that at all, I have the utmost respect for that work and the people who make a living doing it.

But that happens to be a personal peeve of mine, I think it's wrong for business owners or anyone else, to call themselves landscapers when they haven't yet acquired the skills needed to actually be a landscaper and be one for a living. Understand what I mean?

Anyway with all that said, I want to comment on the stone steps that you or perhaps a worker of yours installed. They do not appear to have a wide enough tread for safe use. They look unsafe, a tripping/falling hazard. There is a formula that is used for height of rise to width and length of tread necessary to install steps that are safe to use, you need to look it up. You are opening your business up to lawsuits if you install unsafe steps and someone gets hurt while using them. This is important info for you to know. I'm sharing my knowledge. not putting down your work.

Question on the second pic. Did you go ahead and re-build the bottom wall as well, so it matches the angle and look of the two walls above it? If you didn't, then I think you probably should have, if you did then a pic of the job once completed, would be nice to see.
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