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I'm going to side with those in favor. If anyone was at GIE and went by their booth you may reconsider. We've used this stuff for a number of years now (happen to know the guy who developed this and still have bottles around the shop from his trail batches). It is legitimate chemistry, but no cure all. Ethanol shield is a fuel additive that chemically bonds with water and stabilized fuel. Mechanic in a bottle is pretty much the name says. Most of your 'stabilizers' and these cure-alls are ether or kerosene derivatives... M.I.B. isn't going to bring to life that mower that been outside for 3 years, but we've had good success with people using it in machines that have been sitting for a period of 6-8 months. It has to sit in carburetor and 'soak' as the directions describe. I'd recommend it.
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