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Originally Posted by jkilov View Post
Forget about it, I don't see any way it would work. It's either too weak to clean anything or too aggressive on the membranes. Carb/brake cleaner works, when you force spray it through jets and ultra-sonic for 5min or dip for 30min. Throw in a kit while you're at it, done deal. What's some 5% additive gonna do? Zilch! Maybe melt the fuel line.

Sorry for rant, I've seen too many WONDER LIQUIDS in my life to give even a thought. Motor-up, fuel-up, steel-seal, teflon .... blah blah. Even those that help a little (seafoam) are too expensive in my book.
I agree...same goes for Seafoam...peoria thinks its great because it's expensive and comes in a metal container...the marketing experts achieved exactly what they wanted!
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