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Which Z900

I am about ready to purchase a new Z900 mower. Don't need anyone to try to talk me into the next brand because of blah, blah. Do alot of business with this JD dealer, it's close and they treat me good.

My dilema is, I am going to add the 14 bu. dump from seat bagger. I am looking at the 910a, 920a, 925a 54" non MOD deck with the difference being HP.

Is the 22HP 910 going to make that big of a difference for a personal mower. I would go with the Z700 series if you could get the bagger on it.

I was looking at the Protero PV18 bagger system which is $1,100 cheaper than the JD, Until I read the posts about their customer service and delivery issues. Really too bad, it looked like a great product.

The 900's and 700's are currently available with 42 mo. @ 0% which I like for cash flow. Plus if I get their bagger it is covered with the mower.

Would Like to just go with the 910a as it is the cheaper option.

Any help from those of you with powerflow experience would be great.
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