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Okay, i have seen them all, but the only 2 that i have seen work magically in front of my eyes is phazer and briggs additive. You can physically put gas in a clear glass, add water to it, then pour phazer or the briggs in, and the water magically dissapears magically in front of your eyes. Startron, seafoam, stabil, and everything else i have done this way does absolutely nothing even after days of sitting in the glass, in fact the startron looks as if it bound to the water and created a bigger bubble pocket inside the gas. Water will simply not travel through the jets in your carb. Ethanol cause more water build up, so the trick is to use something to dissapate the water. One pf oir local gas stations got hit for having neary 40 gallons of water in the bottom of hos tanks, he swears he poured phazer in it and when theu.came back to retest the fuel the water was gone, seems like he has no reason to lie about it, he doesnt sell it or anything...
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