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got my walker to day! they put some insulation on the hose(i thought it would be on the bottom but it was on the top right where the air intake is).
the theory is still the cooling fans are circulating cold air over the engine and clogged air fins: condensation in the air tube and freezing making ice and popping out the seal. problem being: it was new and clean when this problem started.

i called up today and asked if the walker was done.. yes! been done sense last Tues just honestly forgot to call me. to be clear when i said i was getting tired of my dealer it was in regards to the fact that they don't have mechanic on duty and or the mechanic's they've had represent them haven't been up to par. they know this and they think the new guy is up to par. time will tell, this guy did take the time to look into what may be causing this problem

first thing they did when i got there, they started off with was. Walker call us(my dealer)the other day saying that there was a certain online form that has been brought to there attention. so walker and my dealer went through this form and read it together. my dealer was ticked that i would openly bash them online and asked how i would feel if they did the same to me. i told them it was a open form and they can say what they want, i never bashed them. they also said i was making them look like they didn't know what they where doing and that they where just passing on what the mechanic was telling them.

seal on the engine: they said that sense this problem has been coming back that even if the warranty has expired they will cover it.
yes my walker is fixed this time
they also said that cause they had so many hydros go out that they extended the warranty past the 2y 1000 hr.. sweet!
Walker Mower Company knows of my problems because they know of this form
my dealer is trying to help but they have had some problems with finding a good mechanic to represent them.
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