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I would be interested in hearing about this machine as well. I would also like to hear what they cost new because Toro doesn't post prices onine. I'm not finding any price on dealer websites either. Why the secrecy when it comes to listing price? I wish all mower, car, truck, and trailer dealers would stop the haggling bulls**t. Just put a fair price on it where you cover costs, cover overhead and make some profit. Then there would be no wasted time. The last truck I bought was from my friend. I didn't beat him up, he gave me a fair price well under sticker and I knew he made money and he knew I was happy. It took less than an hour. Wouldn't that make their job easier? For every sucker that pays sticker you know there is also some guy that comes in at the end of the month an hour before closing and gets the deal of the century cause they need to make quota. Sorry for the rant.
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