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The G/S has a cushioned ride platform. Very comfortable. Sulkies destroy backs.
Also very easy to dismount. Ground speed is about 8 mph. Another advantage over a walk behind is it wont leave that ugly additional tracking mark you get with a sulky. With the motion controls, it's a simple system that every one can use, except the most mechanically challenged. Deck lift is spring assisted and very easy to use. BUT, only you can decide. Many people on here will tear a brand apart due to brand loyalty, or just ignorance. Toro does have a demo program, so by all means set one up with a dealer and try it. We have sold over 25, I have used a 48" myself. Stable on hills, and if they are too steep (you shouldn't be on it) just fold up the platform. Just be aware you might be slightly higher up. So that ornamental you just cleared with a W/B might plant you squarely on you butt. A G/S will not out cut a rider. At least a Toro or Exmark new generation. Guys who went from a W/B to a G/S are very impressed. Many bought another. Guys who went to a G/S from a rider not so much.
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