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Originally Posted by Michael Geist Yard Works View Post
Jvan -

Again my advice would not be based on zone but rather the weed you are concerned about, the product going to be used and it's AI, and in most cases I would assume the soil temps.
If you are concerned about the weeds you are seeing now - those guys have germinated obviously - what good is putting down a Pre-em going to do? I am failing to understand the concern on this part.
Last but not least - why are the HO's relying on you to tell them about turf conditions and recommendations. Should their L and O company not be doing that for them? Why are they asking you for recommendations on something you have no input on. I could understand them asking if you think there company is doing a good job in your opinion or if you know of someone who can do better but not asking for a prescription for their lawn.
The L&O is subbed out through my maintenance company.

Weeds that are showing have germinated, still plenty of seed in the ground that has not. Soil temperatures range between 60 & 70F (depending on location) which in range for germination. We have recommended emerged weeds receive spot treatment & a blanket pre-emergent application.
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