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The few pictures I have seen of the sport x seems to show a lesser machine then full size sentars I own, Looks to me like the tires are smaller, missing a fuel tank, replaced fuel tank area with a battery box,new deck design, Is the deck adjustment the same as the previous full size sentar? Did the battery box move to give better ground clearance? Still dont think extra ground clearance is as important as the 2nd fuel tank unless you had to make more ground clearance so you could get away with smaller tires versus the full size sentar. I used to have a small sentar sport that I had to sell because the small tires got me stuck all the time. What am I missing here? Surely you wouldnt down grade a machine would ya? Guess I need to get to a dealer and see just what has changed, hope this doesnt mean I will have to look at different brands. The full size sentar was the best mower hands down for the ruff and steep area's in North Carolina.
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