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Originally Posted by Turf Dawg View Post
Yes Chris you are correct on the test and Mesquite is the closest place with the most test per year givin. I will warn everyone that might be thinking they can just go squeeze the classes in sometime, that this is not the way you should look at it. You bettter be commited to spending all your time for 4 full days and nights for this. There is 8 hrs during the day you will be learning a lot of information and then homework. This will cost you 500 for the class plus the fuel to get back and fourth to Keller for 4 days then if you succesfully pass the class then you will be sending 100 along with your test application and 111 for the license.

There was a company I think around McKinney that builds landscape beds and ramps. There has been Lawnsite members before that have bought them their for regular pickup trucks as well as LCF trucks.
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It's Pero trailers in McKinney. Price was much better at J & I in Madill Ok for a landscape bed. Not sure about just a gate. At the time I was looking at a bed it was $40 per ft at Pero and $28 per ft at J&I with 2 ft fold down sides, spring assist gate, trimmer rack, and tool box underneath on both sides.
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