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Originally Posted by CriderLawn09 View Post
Pro Turf i have a question about the mini skid steers, I think i seen somewhere in your thread you have a bobcat, I'm looking at the MT52 i'm set up to do a demo this week if the rain ever stops, but how effeceint are they when doing landscaping, i have a small 453 bobcat that i use in the shop and in my salt bin loading trucks, its really small and will just about fit in the bed of a pickup lol, but it being small works great, but small tires no tracks and it gets stuck on wet blacktop and i always thought that the compact size would be great for landscape maint., how do they do as far as going on turf without damage? and i see guys all the time using them, my bobcat dealer says that it will replace most of our wheelbarrow use? Any truth in that? Also we dont do very much hardscaping at all maybe some pavers or something its mostly just maintenance, does the attachments work good like the augers and such we plant alot so that looks like it would be great, also any maintenance issues with yours? I'm a bobcat man but i have looked at toro and vemeer, but will probably stay white and orange. Thanks man!!
Crider...we had an MT50 for a few years. That was our first machine from the Bobcat/skid steer family. Prior to purchasing that machine we did all of our work by hand/wheelbarrow. The MT50 made things MUCH nicer & definitely cut down on labor compared to doing it all by hand. It is a tracked machine, so you can easily damage turf when making turns if you are not very careful. We used that for about a year then bought a Bobcat 873...then eventually our A300. Once we stepped up to a full sized machine we rarely used our MT50 anymore. We kept it around for a few years for the occasional job that it would come in handy with, but eventually sold it due to lack of use. We did not have any maintenance issues with it, but the machine we had only had about 500 hrs on it so it was barely even broken in. So to MT50 will be a night & day difference from the old wheelbarrow method, but we found a full sized skid steer to be night & day to the MT50.

Good luck
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