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Originally Posted by msryan View Post
I have 500 hours on mine and have been very happy with it. Mine is a 2009 so it is the first year of the grandstand. I bought it a year old from the dealer as a demo with 100 hrs on it.

Some complain about the ground speed, but 8mph is plenty fast on residential lawns, and even commercial. I did add the operator controlled discharge chute and I would recommend that.

It does sidehill very well, and the cut quality is great. This fall I added a trac vac to it and that helped us tremendously on residential clean ups. I have the 23 hp 52".

I did have it in for service last year and they gave me a 24hp 52" to use. I liked that machine better due to the updates. I will be keeping mine and purchasing another 52 this spring, and maybe even a 40" depending if we ever get snow here to help pay for them!
we have 4 grandstands, tell me more about the ocdc, quality, ease of use, and price. thanks much
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