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One of the nice things about the Bobcat mini skids is that you can use attachments from full size loaders. It doesn't have the little attachment plate that others have. I know you probably shouldn't use full size attachments on a MT55 but it works. Since I already had a set of pallet forks for my T200, I didn't have to buy a set for my MT55. I use the pallet forks from my T200 on my MT55 all the time. I would say you can safely pick up about 1000 pounds evenly distributed on a pallet. If I have a couple people standing on the platform I can pick up about 1500 pounds. I scoot full pallets of fertilizer around all the time. They weigh 2000 pounds. It won't totally pick it up but it has no problem moving them.

If there were a couple things I could change about the machine I would make the travel speed faster and pick up a bit more. The travel speed is faster than my buddies Dingo though. Other than that the MT is great. I think the Ditch Witch does travel a bit faster and pick up a bit more. I have about 300 hours on mine and I have had no problems with it. It is a pretty simple machine compared to the bigger Bobcat loaders and there is very little that could go wrong. There is no lack of power even when running attachments like stump grinders or soil conditioners.

If I didn't have such a good relationship with my Bobcat salesman I probably would have looked at Ditch Witch. The other bonus about Bobcat is that they rent all the attachments for the MT series. I'm not sure Ditch Witch rents attachments.

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