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Originally Posted by ricky86 View Post
If you got an early production, I hope your dealer did ALL the updates, including the speed control update.
first to the OP.

i have an 09 52" grandstand.

i absolutely love this machine. of all the stand on's it has the widest platform. i'm tall and have large feet so this a major plus.

the controls are awesome. extremely close if not better than a sit down ztr.

the cut is excellent. exactly what you would expect from toro.

one complaint would be there are no anti scalp rollers on the deck. the other complaint is the controls become high in walkbehind mode. even for me at 6' 2".

now i want to note to the post i quoted. i only have done what updates i felt were necessary and needed.

the brake update was needed for me. before the update the brake would fall down touching the rear wheels.

the other update i had done was to the hydro system. that update was only done because i had a leak in one of the lines and when the dealer went to repair the leak they also re did the hydro system. it wasn't something i requested.

the hydro update is nice. it removes the speed control on the dash board and everything is controled by the forward reverse levers.

my grandstand does not have any of the other updates which includes some springs to ease raising and lowering the deck, something to the fuel system and something was done to make reverse quicker.

i find those updates unecessary.

i'm a big "if it's not broke don't fix it" person. i find raising and lowering the deck easy as is, i don't have a problem with my fuel system and i don't feel reverse needs to be any faster.

the one nice thing about the exmark vantage vs. the grandstand is the front stationary bar on the vantage moves to help you control the speed as far as how fast or slow the mower goes, regulating how far forward you can push the levers.
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