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Originally Posted by RigglePLC View Post
If you have to use Dimension twice. You could then followup with another product in mid summer...and still be legal. Use prodiamine or pendimethalin.

If you have weeds now there is a good chance you are looking at winter annuals that germinated in late fall. Henbit, poa, chickweed.

Broad-leaf weeds are or should be easy to keep out of all the warm season turf. IMHO Pre emerge isn't needed for those weeds and does more damage than good. HOWEVER Grassy Weeds are a problem and we have very few legal Herbicides that can control them. THEREFORE Pre Emerge becomes valuable for Control of Crabgrass and suppression of Bermuda and Torpedo grass.


Today's post-emerge Crabgrass herbicides are rather disappointing. I actually have better luck killing Crabgrass with my Torpedo Grass herbicide which works great.


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