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Yes I dont understand standing either, I mean between trimming, blowing, edging, A sit down break is nice.

I think if i was to redesign something it would be the deck, its always collecting grass, maybe a little more comfortable seat, after 2 hours plus of sitting on one job I find myself standing up to ease the numbing! Also I have had some problems with the belt covers coming loose and also the deck height adjuster where behind the right wheel a clamp will get loose and the key will turn some in the key way or fall out causing the deck to be out of level. Most of that is however due to taken a severe beating on one of my larger and better paying jobs thats 45 to 60 degree sloped, 5 acre hillside. Its just a rough area with some ruts and where the sport would break traction due to the lower profile tire not allowing enough side wall flex in the tire to allow me to maintain traction on the step slopes. The larger size tire really smooths alot of the ruts out being a large diameter and sticks with out wanting to slide down hill.

Are you saying that the hydros are smaller on the new sport x then the old full size sentar? If thats the case that could be a problem for me. I get mine in a pretty big strain on the steep slopes now and dont think a smaller hydro will last very long being pushed to the max. I hope the engineers have a plan.

I guess I need to line up a demo on a 61 machine and see if it will do what I'm needing or at least keep up with the old sentar.
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