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Originally Posted by StihlMechanic View Post
So is there a mechanic in the bottle? I'm confused.
Yes it cost $55 for a small pail full of it with a mesh cloth basket for holding
the carb items. I may start another thread as I get more experience with the product. I may be gullible but I think this is a winner. I never believed you could take a carb off and soak it in something and it would clean it up. With this stuff I take the carb apart and do a basic clean up and then put it in the bucket. At this time I am not putting in the diaphrams and gaskets. I leave it in over nite. The way I look at it you lose nothing in using this stuff. I see debris in the bucket and the darn carb parts come out pretty darn clean looking When a carb needs a kit them obviously you need a new kit. So far I have had good luck with three carbs run thru this stuff. I have probably 20 carb that more than 5 years old that i intend to run thru this stuff. I think I will get ultrasonic bucket to speed up the process.
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