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Originally Posted by StihlMechanic View Post
Thats chem dip you can buy at an autoparts store. I use a vat with an agitator. One shop I worked at we had a ultrasonic vat that work quite well.

I got your "mechanic in a bottle". Its called dont use month old fuel EVER. I have done more than my share of carbs but yet never have to even touch the ones on my equipment going on 5 years now.

How are you going to pour an ultasonic cleaner into your tank?
Are they selling nanobots at NAPA?

You guys are omitting one very important step when using cleaning solvents on carbs.
The solvents eat the sealants around the welch plugs. If you don't reseal them,
The carb can flood and the welch plugs can fall out.
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