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Kreep on mowing, and tell them your in a rush, thats not rude at all, I'm sure they won't be mad if you explain your busy and have no time to BS. BUT, BUT, BUT!!!!!! WHEN YOU DO HAVE THE TIME MAKE SURE THE COMMUNICATION IS THERE BETWEEN YOU AND YOUR CUSTOMERS, WEATHER IN PERSON, BY PHONE, E-MAIL, OR SNAIL MAIL, ITS IMPORTANT TO GET FEEDBACK SO YOU CAN KEEP DOING THE RIGHT THINGS AND BE ABLE TO CORRECT THE WRONG THINGS BEFORE THEY BECOME A PROBLEM!! But as far as how bout them Yankees and other BS, just don't let them catch you. The old ladys used to flag me down to come inside or have some cookies or whatever and if I made eye contact I'd wave really quick and look away and play dumb like I didn't know she was calling me. <p>----------<br>&lt;a href=&quot;;&gt;&quot;Guido&quot;&lt;/a&gt;<br>David M. Famiglietti
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