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Jacobsen HR-6010

I'm bidding a 2 year contract that has about 30 acres of grass to be cut.

It's mostly wide open, but will require at least one ZTR for trim work.

The largest wide open area is an infield requiring double striping. (max 10' stripes) It's 1.3 million sq/ft - so 24 acres of cutting to do cross stripes (12 acres twice). I only get one day a week to do cut the infield.

Am I better just to spend 7-8 hours in the ZTR and have a second ZTR mowing the rest of the property? Or is it worth getting a batwing mower like the Jacobsen and cutting it in 2-3?

Will the Jacobsen do nice stripes?

Can I do anything with this machine in the winter? Take the decks off and plow walkways?

They go for about $18,000 CDN used. I knew someone years ago with a larger new one, and it was riddled with hydraulic leaks. Is this common? Will I spend another $8,000 a year on repairs and downtime?

If I buy the 12' mower I'm going to go after a few other wide open properties. However, if it won't stripe nice, clear stripes, it's not worth my investment.

Thanks, Mike
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