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One thing I've found over the last couple of years is that QRs work significantly better when you send the person scanning to a special landing page that offers some form of incentivized reason to make them happy they clicked. Going through the effort, as simple as it may be, to scan a code and only ending up at your site can be disheartening to the visitor.

Next time you're out and about, whether at the grocery store or wherever, start scanning those you find and see how QRs are being utilized. One industry I consult for (wine) is making great use of them, usually via special rebates, tasting notes, pairing suggestions, etc. Make your QR something more useful than just a link to your main domain.

One additional note: Be sure to track your inbound traffic sources (did they arrive via direct typing of your domain name, organic or paid search engine results, or scanning your QR?) so that you can tweak and refine your landing page or overall site.
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