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Yeah I'd like to see those pictures. I'm still trying to get a game plan to present to the customer. My one biggest holdup is storing the existing soil/muck than actually putting it back on the liner. You can't use any machinary, so the majority will have to be done by hand. So that really jumps the labor rate up. Than again my excavator's boom will get out to the 12-14 foot mark so that will help a little.

Than I'll need a one piece liner. I will not do a project if it has to be seemed. I just don't trust the seeming. It might last 2 months, 2 years, or 20 years, but it is a potential headache for leaks.

That's a pretty good idea for the underlayment. No I wouldn't use 'Sod Staples" for the reason you mentioneed.

What rock are you talking about? Gravel or boulders? I was going to talk to the owner about lining the pond with boulders to keep deer and such out. He has a few labs so I won't be able to keep them out.
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