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Originally Posted by lilweeds View Post
Well let's put it this way on the 48" deck you can set the rear wheels to the outter setting which in turn will eliminate the trim edge. So no his concerns aren't justified with every mower. IMO the 52 doesn't really have enough of a trim edge, but it works for me because up here I general cut from 3-4 inches.

The 60 has anti scalp wheels and the Exmark has them as an option if you feel you need them.
Feb 14, 2012 - Lilweeds---What is involved with 'widening' the track of the rear 'axle' of the 48" 74548 model? From what I can see all I have to do (after practicing safety securing the machine) is remove the 'top' and 'rear' nuts and bolts of the three piece 'axle', then the two 'corner' nuts and bolts where the main frame (front-to-rear) beams fasten to the wheel motor housings, then re-install the rear 'axle' using the appropriate matching 'wider holes'. I assume that the hydraulic hoses will accomodate this change...did I miss anything? Have you done this successfully? Do the edges of the mower deck become in-line with the outer walls of the tires (I am not able to measure mine right now)...any comments would be appreciated. Thank you.
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