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Originally Posted by DA Quality Lawn & YS View Post
doestch at least you got the trailer. could have been hi and dri!
Oh, I didnt pay a dime until I took delivery of it. Left town here on July 3, spent the 4th in chatanooga with friends, then went down to the border of tennessee on July 5th to take delivery. Showed up to the office to find it completely abandoned and no one to take calls on the day after the holiday. Luckily I was able to get ahold of my parents and they got on my email and found the home office number. Owner answered and promised I would have my trailer a few hours later. Well, after driving around on $4 a gallon gas all day and walking the isles of walmart for a few hours, the trailer was still no where to be found. The most redneck, lowlife guy and his son finally showed up at midnight with my trailer! His truck hood actually flew off and put a small dent in the diamond plate on the front of my new trailer! Cost me an extra day and a few hundred extra bucks overall but I only lost $50 when the trailer was totalled 2 years later and I upgraded from a 12' trailer to a 16' v nose so I just kinda laugh when I think about the whole ordeal.
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