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I also apppoligize for bringing up an old post.

Listen Scag

You are young, and have the advantages now of building up equity now. You dont have expenses like we do. Work hard and don't worry about your cousin.

This is what you do-

Cut all your lawns and build up enough money to buy quality equipment. Use the advantages that you have now. Dont be stupid and blow the money that you make. Keep your night job also. When you get all the equipment that you want, then start to be smart with the equity that you have built up and put out fliers to the lawns that you know that you can handle with the equipment you have. Don't give prices out to people you know you can't handle, you soon in time will be cuttin them too. Build yourself up little by little (your young). Use all the money that you make from lawns to purchase equipment only, and the money from the other job for recreation. After you build on your business empire you won't have too many expenses and will be living like a king.

Oh, and put a lock on your bedroom door and don't give the key to anybody but your parents and tell them no
one is to enter my room.( hopefully thats where you will keep your computer).

Soon enough your cousin will be workin for you.

Don't Be Foolish and Best Wishes. Only you can put yourself out of business.

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