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Rental company needs advice on Skid Steer purchases

Hello and thank you for reading my post.

I am not sure on the rules on this forum so I will try not to say anything that might come across as advertising my company.

I own a small trailer rental company in Calgary, AB, Canada and am about to add 2 skid steers to my fleet. As the type of rental customer I would be primarily renting to would be land scappers, snow removal companies, and small construction companies (mostly the people who read this forum) I thought I would ask you guys what units and features you want on rental units.. and hopefully you can help me chose the best units to purchase. Keep in mind I need ones that can stand up to abuse and are reasonably cheap to maintain.

The brands I have it down to are Cat and Bobcat. I don't want to say anything to offend any other brands but after much reasearch i have already ruled out all the other brands. (although I Might consider a John Deere or New holland (the new holland dealer is good, the local case dealer is terrible)

I will be buying brand new (leaseing actually) and will have the full warranty on these units as well. I think I would like to go with 1 wheeled machine and one tracked machine, what are your thoughts?

SO far I am thinking:

S185 or S175

226 236 or 242
247 257 259

The Cat track loaders are a bit heavey and I have heard many bad things about the 247 and 257 but maybe that is older units.

The only other thing I can add is that I want to stay Under 8000lbs operating weight on the tracked machine due to insurance and weights on my trailers.

I really appreciate any advise / help you can add!

Thanks Again!!!
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