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Originally Posted by JFGauvreau View Post
I would also be interested in this, I get about 10 emails a day about SEO company offering me this service, If I can do this own my own it would be amazing.
You can absolutely do it on your own, but as with everything else DIY, it comes down to your Time vs. Dollar value proposition. What is your time really worth to you?

I try to do any household or vehicle project/repair the first time, whether it be installing a new window or replacing a solenoid in my Jeep's transmission, to see whether it's worth it for me, my time, and my wallet, to do it the second time around.

Things I've learned I will not pay someone to do:
Replacing a home's windows
Replace my Jeep's brake pads/rotors

Things I've learned I will pay someone to do:
Reseal my asphalt driveway
Change my Jeep's solenoid that's buried behind the valve body

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