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Brand qualities aside, I'd base my ENTIRE decision on what brand has the best service available. For a rental company downtime is VERY expensive. For O/O like most on this site, downtime is an inconvenience and a drag to productivity for a rental outfit downtime means directly lost income, and likely paying out additionally to "make it right" you easily end up losing twice what the machine brings in, IE when the machine breaks down on the job it stays there to fulfill that rental contract, you don't get paid for the extra time, then you have to forfeit the next rental because the machine is already in use.

I'd look for a dealer who keeps a large part inventory and works on a lot of these machines. They should be reputable, and from the start recognize on their own cognizance that keeping your machine's downtime at a minimum is a must. Even better if they can get a loaner out to your while your machine is down.
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