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Originally Posted by kentross09 View Post
Hello everyone,
Because this forum and community has been a great resource for my business and helped me in many ways. I would like to share some tips and show you how easy is to have a website first page of google, also google pages. If you would like me to go into more details step by step let me know i will write a post about it.

Go to and hire people for $5 to build links for you. You can pay someone $5 to create a promotional video for you company and someone else another $5 to post the video to 30 video sharing sites. Buy 5000 auto approve blog links, link wheels for - you got it $5! Hire another person who is offering social bookmarks.

Pick the phrases you want to rank for and buy a variety of link building services to each keyword. Some services you might see a change in your keyword position overnight, maybe in a few days, other times a change might take 6 weeks.
You have to test what works for you!
If you don't test you don't have to worry about business from the internet.

Start with two gigs a week to the keyword phrases you want to rank. $10

If you find a decent provider you could share the provider to others so you don't waste to much money.

Now if you are trying to be number 1 on Google for say "Landscaping New York City" forget it, you won't make it buying services from fiverr.

Now you have your own advertising/marketing department.
Go buy some gigs, get your keywords ranked for this spring and make some money.
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