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thank you for the info. i wanted some one with real world results.
i run ferris mowers now and last year i had bought a 3100 z with
a 37hp dfi engine and 72" icd deck. i two had alot of problems
but like you said ferris stood behind there product and fixed it
ever time.
the parts they changed are
all 3 spindles the bearings were wobaling
the dfi engine was nothing but problems so they put a brand new 37hp carburated engine on it and payed me the difference in price.
last year i had asked about the 3100 propane mower but nobody could tell me any thing about it.
i figure the gas 37 burns between 2 to 2.5 gallons an hour. so i was trying to figure out if or how much i would save switching to propane.
by the way propane compared to gas how quick does the engine governor react to the cutting condition
thanks again
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